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My workday today was rather irksome. It started badly:  none of the patients arrived on time. This leaves me in a dilemma of whether to tell them sorry/you missed your appointment/ reschedule please OR  bite the bullet and see them (and get paid). When I do the latter, this puts me behind schedule. The patients coming in later discover I am “running late” and begin to grumble.

This is pet peeve of mine. The reason doctors get behind is patients make them  behind.  Of course, once seen, no patient is considerable to say ” I know I am late, let’s cut my time short for the benefit of the patients after me”.  I struggled all day to catch up.  Happily, there are some ” no-shows”  to help me get caught up.  Of course this upsets the bosses as “no shows” are a loss of income.

Meanwhile, the telephone rang with people of no patience. Like boiling tea kettles, they wanted their telephone messages returned instantly.  I often hear they are nasty to the receptionist; by the time I get to them, they are sweet as pie.

Another area of ire: I have a handful of people who don’t want to see me but are forced in by family or legalities.  I have many patients who are sick and want help,but can’t get in. Having to babysit people who don’t want treatment takes up my time.

Through my own fault I haven’t been doing charting and now I am trying to get them done.  this takes extra time and effort on each patient.  It added to the day’s tedium.

These are typical doctor office issues. I think they wouldn’t have been so tiresome if somebody today actually said thank you or expressed gratitude for all my efforts.  I hope tomorrow is better.   Meanwhile, I count the days to Palm Springs,  and I send e-mails to my colleague who wishes to hire me/ take me away from the status of employee into partnership.

It is time for me to go to sleep and wake up hopefully to a better day.  Thank you for listening.

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