Medicine has the saying ‘By your patients you’ll be taught”.   This is often in ways I least expect. Thanks to patients, I’ve learned all sorts of things. I’ve learned customs and conventions.  Patients sometimes tell me about interesting books or websites.  One patient (bless’em!) likes to teach me fancy or outdated words. He quizzes me to see if I know them (usually not) or can I guess their meaning (less so). Why some words go in and out of use is a fascinating topic.

Today he brought in a few amusing words to pass on to Spo-fans.  I thought these three sounded good enough to revive.

Brannigannoun.  A drinking episode.  “I am going out with friends this Friday for a brannigan and a bite to eat”.  This sounds far more jolly and less troubling than a drinking binge, no?

Freckverb. To move swiftly and nimbly.  “Let’s freck to the brannigan.”  I could use it trying to get around slow moving people on the airport conveyor walker.

and my new favorite –

Brabbleverb. To quarrel over something trivial.  What couple couldn’t use this handy one?  “Why the hell are we still brabbling about who ate the last cookie?”

Or as a noun –

‘The brannigan ended in a brabble, so we frecked out.”