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I like ‘Random Thoughts” entries; they appeal to the quick thought changes of my hummingbird mind.

“Random Thoughts” don’t generate many comments. This seems to imply others don’t find them particularly interesting. But hey, this is my blog so there……..     


A Certain Spo-fan recently suggested a good nickname for my Palm Spring trip would be Rhoda Penmark.  At first I thought it was a clever drag name. But then my spider senses began tingling and I looked her up.  Well!  If he wants Rhoda Penmark, I’ll give’em Rhoda Penmark hohoho (evil laughter). I’ll fix his wagon this weekend; all it takes is a shrimp slipped in his soup.

At work the bosses pointed out I am not filling out a certain form and all my charts need this done. Fair enough, but I have possibly 1000 charts!  I am slowly nibbling away at the task, one chart at a time.  At ~ 25 charts a day, I calculate it will take many months to do.  Ugh.


Palm Springs is in a few days away and I have nothing to wear. The Fates have us going to PS the same weekend as the Palm Springs Leather events.  The city should be quite crowded and a sight to see. Thanks to exercise, none of my “evening wear” seems to fit and it is too late to get them altered. I found one frock that passes…..

One more Random Thought: The Personal Trainer now permits me to play my iPod tunes during workouts.  Recently he couldn’t tell if it was playing “Liza” or “Barbara” (it was Barbara singing “Don’t rain on my parade”).  This led to a discussion about “Sex in the City Part 2” which his girlfriend made him watch one evening.  He was bewildered why the women kept changing clothes all the time, what’s up with that?

So, if there was any doubt he being straight, we can lay that to rest….       

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