Someone and I drive to Palm Springs today!

At the request of Our Mutual Friend, we will stay at a place of his choice, a resort new for us.  I looked up its website. Despite the soft music and spa-like photographs the resort appears to be what I suspected: we are staying in another Palm Spring whorehouse.

Staying in a brothel-type bed and breakfast can be jolly good fun, even if I am keeping my hands to myself (or no one wants me).  I get to play Margaret Mead among the Bantus, observing tribal customs and behaviors for National Geographic. “What a find!” Bird-watching this weekend should be especially entertaining as (by coincidence ) it is ‘leather weekend’ in Palm Springs.  Hot puppies !!

I just hope I can get into my favorite restaurants.

There will be five of us (with a continually rotating 6th, whoever Our Mutual Friend is with at the moment).  We four tired old partnered queens will be pool-side, talking and reading and taking our Geritol. We will be tsk tsking Our Mutual Friends’ parade of chew toys. This will appear as virtue when in fact it is just cover up for common jealousy.

I will keep you posted……