Since a few Spo-fans ‘want the details’ about the Palm Springs weekend here’s some ….

Our resort was located in an area of town with several places. For those who know Palm Springs, the street entrance has a large read modern metal artwork that resembles a heliocopter crash. We’ve stayed now at 3 different resorts and this one had the nicest property. It wasn’t as sleazy as #2, and it wasn’t as social as #1. The lack of hob-knobbing may have been situational: it was leather weekend and most guests were focused on that. Also, it was cold, so few were poolside. Many wore jackets.

On Saturday we all went south of town for a 2-3 hour hike. I am glad to say my exercise is paying off as I was able to keep apace with the more experienced hikers.

Thanks to an allergy medicine I don’t recall the details of Saturday afternoon other than it was the usual things of pool side chatting and crossword puzzles.  Someone and I had a nice chat of our own, as it were. We were in Room 55;  the two gentlemen in Room 54 showed interest in me for further discussions, which was sweet.  It is always nice to be wanted.

Our Mutual Friend didn’t let us down in providing us entertainment and gossip. It was his first time ‘out in leather’. I assisted as wardrobe mistress in dressing him up. He was like a kid in a candy store at “The Barracks” and he wasted no time in making friends, as it were. Ah youth.

The Saturday night sky was very clear, and provided great star gazing. It also provided me a ringside seat to watch night travelers coming and going throughout the resort, apparently in search of something. I hope they found what they were looking for; some of them seemed rather lost.

We had a fabulous Sunday brunch and drove home.

Jolly good fun !