Yes I am alive.

The week has been tiresome and tedious.  Despite long hours I remain quite behind with work.  The weekend looks no better. I came home with a pile of charts to rival Santa Claus’ magic bag.  But the contents aren’t so pretty. Ah well. I am rather used to it. Still, I wonder what ‘real people’ do on weekends? Probably having fun.

Well, now that my Victim Complex has had its say….

What I would like to do this weekend is rather modest.  It is Beaujolais nouveau  time; I want to get a few bottles. It is off to Total Wine we go.  We have tickets for “Carmen” this Saturday evening. The last time we saw a local production of “Carmen”, Don Jose shot her in the back. We thought it must have been some local Arizona thing.  I hope this time she is properly stabbed.  Someone would like to see the new “Harry Potter” movie and I do as well.  Perhaps Sunday night.  At some point I should exercise.

Another weekend hope is blog visiting. I miss you all when I am away!

Meanwhile I gather my gumdrops and hope for time for a proper entry other than kvetching……