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I seem to be rather cross these days. This is coming from work and all I have to do. Most days I start working at 7AM; sometimes I am still working on something by 10PM. No fun in this. And I am not doing things I want to do such as blogging, writing, sewing, reading etc. But today I finally finished all my homework. The colleague interested in hiring me finds it incredible I have any homework at all, let alone so much. I wonder too – how he manages to avoid it. I suspect he has staff who do it for him, while I have to do scut-things myself, more or less.  I must not get my hopes up too high on this marvelous job offer – the deal breaker is health insurance.  As an employee I get insurance, as does Someone.  In the offered job I will have to get my own insurance. I have never needed to find my own insurance. I find the task daunting – perhaps impossible. So I may be longing for the moon.   I will keep you posted.

Last night we took a break and went to a local production of “Carmen”. We both disliked it, and walked out at intermission. Someone loathed the production. For Spo-fans who are not opera buffs (shudder) let me explain:  Designers and producers can’t resist doing ‘new interpretations’ for the old favorites.  I think their reasoning is the audience members have attended these bromides countless times before (true), so they have to do something radical to make the audience happy (false).  My main objection to last night was the singers were bad.  At least they were not dressed up as politicians or penguins.

But it is Sunday afternoon, and I finally get my break.  It is actually cloudy and rainy, which I always find comforting.  I can now attend some neglected tasks, but frankly I am too pooped. I want to sit. I may even take a nap – the ultimate defiance to the ‘There is Work to be Done” Complex.

Tonight we see the latest “Harry Potter” movie. We brave sitting with the texting/talking adolescence. I hope by now they’ve all seen it.

I promise promise promise I will stop by my blogging buddies this evening and see how everyone is doing.  I can’t remember where my shirt is located.  I need to chase it down and move it on its merry way.


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