It is customary on Thanksgiving to stop and reflect (formally or not) on the blessings in our lives.  We pause on this day to feel thankful. It is a common blog entry too; the blogger writes out his or her reasons for feeling grateful.

Someone and I are in Seattle this weekend, visiting family and friends. It is not our usual Thanksgiving. Rather than tradition, we are having an adventure. Instead of writing out the usual items for which I give thanks (Someone, my health, my family, and a nice hot cup of tea, etc.) I would mention some others.

Here are some “other things” for which I am thankful.

My backscratcher. This footlong wooden stick with its curve of fingers is my godsend and savior. My back continually wants scratching. For an itch it beats Someone by a country mile.  Not a day goes by where I am shoving it up my shirt to get at that bothersome spot. “Joy to itch in a minute” I always say. It is also good to retrieve out-of-reach objects Someone won’t fetch for me despite me informing him I am buried under this laptop and I can’t get up and will you be a muffin and retrieve my pen there’s a good fellow.

The Writer’s Almanac. Every day Garrison Keillor sends me a poem for the day, along with news about the authors born on this day. I learn some fun facts about the writer’s lives and works.  I am grateful to Mr. Keillor and everyone at National Public radio for keeping me in poetry.

Coffee. This may come as a surprise to Spo-fans so let me explain. Thanks to coffee the masses are diverted from drinking tea which keeps my COC (cup of choice) readily available and not too expensive. Imagine what would happen without coffee – hoards of SUVs would descend on Starbuck’s drive throughs demanding 2nd growth Darjeeling or Assam golden tip (no rubbish).  And none for me !

Telephone ID  We don’t have a houseboy to screen calls (worse luck!) this simple service keeps away pesky calls from pollsters, U of M alumni who still want more, and members of the GOP.

The colour Red.  Red may be the colour of passion and of danger, but it is also the colour of lost objects. My continually misplaced possessions are more readily retrieved thanks to bright red cases and tags. Even my luggage is Jungle Red, making it obvious among the black suitcases on the airport luggage belt.

So that is my “B” list of things for which I am grateful.

“C” list items include a good cough, socks that match, and that nice feeling I get when I when I unwrap a new bar of soap.