Greetings from Seattle, Land of Coffee.

When we arrived, the city was covered with snow. From a Midwesterner point of view, it was merely a dusting, but the slush was enough to make all of Seattle very fretful. I liked the snow, for it gave ambience; we were having a holiday.

Brother #3 works in the aquarium; we went there are Thanksgiving morning to feed the fish.  Here is brother #3 at work. Meanwhile, in the audience or onlookers, his co-worker tells us about the fish (and picks the tourist pockets).

We had a nice Thanksgiving with the cousins. There were 17 of us. I ate virtuously – with the exception of one item.  Cousin Monica served potato chips and onion dip. It was for the kiddies, but they were lost in electronic games. So I got to make love to chips and dip all night long. No dessert for me thank you, give me the nasty chips.  Onion dip is oh so nasty too but oh so lovely. Better than sex? hmmmmmm

I got a proper Seattle cup of coffee. Oh the pain.

We went to Pike’s Street market, where they throw fish. I caught a proper wild Alaskan sockeye salmon (no rubbish).  This was almost as yummy as the onion dip. Better than sex?

There is a large Vietnamese community here; noodle shops are everywhere. I had a bowl of “Pho” which is pronounced (pha).

I had my first taste of bubble tea too.

Today we visit Mr. Allie McPhee, who will give us our heart’s desire for unnecessary plastic objects. But first, Cousin Matt proposed a hike up Mt. Rainer whatever that is – a nearby shopping centre I think.

Someone and I have dinner with a colleague of mine. The colleague has a house that overlooks a lake. I get to wave hello to Mr. Gates of Microsoft.