I wrote a very nice entry about the six drinks that changed the world*. I see Mercer Island out my brother’s window; I can hear Mr. Gates (who lives nearby) snickering. And I am too annoyed to rewrite the piece.

In summary these beverages were made in order to avoid drinking water, which traditionally was too dirty to drink itself. I’ve been drinking all of them continually this Thanksgiving weekend. My Mac ‘froze’ and I lost the composition when I restarted the computer.

There has been no lack of beer and wine (no rubbish either).  I had my first Negroni (thank you, Stan!)  Brother #3 and wife are tea drinkers: the oolong flows. I had my cup of Seattle coffee.  Someone’s DOC is Diet Coke (enough said!)

Ironically I am in need of a lot of water. And there is no lack thereof. In Seattle water is ubiquitous. Moisture is in the air, the sky, and on everything.  My damp gloves won’t dry out.

I will to take in a big breath of Northwest air, prior to door closing on our return flight.  There will be no humidity again for many many months.

Final irony – I need to ‘dry out‘ in more ways than one !



*Beer, wine, spirits, tea, coffee, and Coca-cola.