The calendar conveys no plans for this weekend and a good thing that is indeed. I am looking forward to this. I have a lot of “putz chores” to do. And I like doing chores. It gives me great pleasure to get caught up in this way.

Someone will probably want to put up the outside Christmas lights. This should get some Christmas spirit going, although nothing makes me so cross as untangling strands of lights. We live in a subdivision notorious for its Christmas lights, which all go up on Thanksgiving day.  The subdivision doesn’t go for subtlity; it likes the loud whorehouse-style displays. Our little street is ‘dark’ by comparison. Some of our neighbors are Jewish; some are away for the holidays. And then there is us, the lazy godless gays whose depraved flag burning atheist homosexual agenda includes getting everyone to sing the National Anthem in Spanish.

While he is trying outside hanging lights in order to save our sordid reputation, I’ll be indoors doing my homework (for what is a weekend without a lot of homework) and tackling that list.

Here is the real agenda ;

Work on the latest Spo-Shirt

Wash my tennis shoes

Glue the broken white cat salt shaker or toss

Pick up some gift cards

Order T-shirts on-line

Call Aetna about the health insurance

Download the latest CD purchases into the ipod

Write a Thank you letter to James


Review charts – six of them

Mail Eileen her parcel.


Oh the horror of it all.

It is time to make a seasonal batch of Ur Spo Co Co. We are watching our waistlines this season, but I will indulge in this one luxury. Hot chocolate on cold winter nights remains a lovely treat.

We talked about sending out Christmas cards, but I don’t we will get around to it. It has been so long since I sent anything by mail I don’t know how much is postage!

So I hope Spo-fans far and wide have an enjoyable weekend. Do tell me all your fabulous goings on why don’tcha.