I’ve become preoccupied with having a flat stomach. Not just flat, but without fat. I would like – just for once – to see my abdomen muscles. Abdominal fat is not healthy; it is associated with all sorts of diseases. So having little or none is medically desirable.

Alas, vanity is what drives me. I want to take my shirt off and feel good. Key West is 2 months away, after all. Perhaps this is not possible; I may be howling for the moon. I suppose I have fallen victim to the allure of many lean and flat stomach gents seen at the movies and in photos.

The Personal Trainer says my goal will require a lot of work. I have to work out a lot more, and I have to start a special diet.  I don’t know if I have the stamina to do this. My desire for a flat tummy is not enough to do what needs to be done, alas – and it is Christmas time!  It will a bleak midwinter indeed to forgo all seasonal treats.

I probably should resign myself to the fact it ain’t gonna happen. It is one thing to feel vain; it is another to succumb to it. I should try to convince myself I am OK enough with a gummy-bear tummy.

Well, it won’t be bad to exercise a little more and cut down on some extraneous carbohydrates and improve portion control.

I will see what 2011 reveals – just not my stomach in public.