The Personal Trainer told me I must increase my exercise in order to loose fat, so I am to start a daily walk.  Harper needs to be walked anyway.  He suggests I get up before my workdays to do so, considering all I need to do in a day.  I do not like to consider all I need to do in a day, but on the ‘non-work out’ days I get up at 530AM, brace myself and take her.

Harper isn’t liking this. Morning walks are Someone’s task, and she is both bewildered and bothered the change in the routine. There seems to be a sense ‘It ain’t fittin” for us to be outside without Someone’s supervision (for Harper sees me as the other dog).  She wants her daddy.
But this is just a matter of practice. The ritual is new for the both of us. In a few weeks she will see our 530AM “walkees” as something we do – or at least what I do with her.
My previous pooches (all were males) wanted to stop everywhere to ‘lift leg’ even when there was nothing to mark the trail.  Harper doesn’t ever go on walks, apparently waiting to do so when we get home.  Sometimes we have to let her out BEFORE she walks to do this.

So a constant trot is better for my goal of moving for 30 minutes at a fast clip.  The only impediment is the rabbits. If a bunny bolts out of the bushes, Harper is off, all obedience training going with her. Thanks to Someone’s and Harper’s daily patrols, she knows the area. Most corners she wants to steer me back home (to pick up Someone supposedly).
It is winter, which means I am walking in the dark.  It is both marvelous and nerve wracking to see constellations normally seen in spring. Leo is just starting to rise in the evening, but at 530AM it is roverhead.
While walking feels no good at the time, it does provides a marvelous sense of accomplishment later on. “I did it!”.  So it is a win-win situation for all.
The Personal Trainer is pleased.
Harper gets her walk and we can bond.
I get to feel virtuous and hopefully loose a few pounds.
Someone gets to sleep in !