The personal trainer has me on a new diet. Ron of “Retired in Delaware” (the dear!) sent encouraging advice to keep walking and cut out nasty things, which is in sync with TPT.  It is hoped careful attention to what I eat (combined with exercise) achieves the goal of a flat stomach – or at least more flat.

This is only my first week and I am already bezerk.  Nothing special about my diet, it is mostly portion control combined with sensible choices. I am eating more protein in leaner forms.  I am eating more vegetables. No harm in this. I also take Ω oil tablets and other fishy things for my source of fat.

What is sorely missing are carbohydrates in nasty but oh-so-delicious white flour form. Oh the pain. I have never done drugs, but this must be what withdrawal feels like. I am jonesing for some starch. Bread, crackers, and bagels are all verboten and my body is rebelling.  My body whispers at night “This is really good what you are doing but let’s go to Einstein Brothers!”  I keep going to the pantry thinking pretzels will magically appear where only minutes ago there were none.  Harper’s dog biscuits are starting to look good.

I am also supposed to drink more water – a lot. I haven’t forced so much fluid since my colonoscopy.

They say thinner people live longer, but perhaps it only seems longer. I know a fellow who is thin as a rake. He has managed to avoid a premature heart attack like his father had.  He accomplished this through regular running and a lifetime spartan diet. He is 80 years old fit as a fiddle with a waist of 30.  He now has full Alzheimer’s. There is a grim lesson here.

All the same, I am determined to do this, despite the Christmas holiday. I declined the office party to avoid temptation.  Cookies are RIGHT OUT !

I apologize I sound both cranky and crazy, but it is the CHO detox talking.

Excuse me as I go nibble on some broccoli.