Christmas 2010 looks to be a quiet affair. In 2009 we had a big family Christmas reunion back in Michigan, complete with newborn nieces, snowfall, and a real fire in the fireplace.

This year we do not travel. The Lovely Neighbor normally hosts a Christmas Eve party, but she is away this season.  And we don’t anticipate visitors. So it will be Someone, Harper, and I.

Both of us are watching our waistlines, so neither of us are keen on making christmas cookies or eating a lot.  We’ve turned down some party invitations lest we are around temptations of booze and yummies.

So it looks to be a lean Christmas. I will go to ‘midnight mass’ at 4PM with all the other old folks who can’t stay up late anymore. Perhaps we’ll make a nice meal or two and have a few cocktails (just don’t tell the personal trainer), and watch a variety of Christmas movies.

We had our bathroom redone, and I have yet to use the tub. It is deep as the Moscow River. I think on Christmas I will have a Christmas soak.

This is Harper’s first Christmas, so we will spoil the dog a bit.  Who can say. I’ll keep you posted if anything happens.