I am behind answering the emails some Spo-fans have sent ne, asking for updates on various things I’ve posted in the recent past.  Blogging is fascinating this way; people read them like stories and they want to know what happened to the loose threads. Here are the replies. You can figure out among yourselves who asked what. It is like jeopardy; you figure out the questions!

– Yes, The Spo-shirt rainbow tour continues. It is winging its way to the far off kingdom of Massachusetts to visit Hanuman.  No, I haven’t forgotten the Spo-fans who still want it!  It is just this journey is taking longer than I anticipated, but I am in no rush.  (BTW; if you want to be part of it and haven’t told me already, you are welcome/send me an email.)

– The job offer: It remains a wonderful idea, but there is the impediment of getting insurance. This fatal flaw will probably be a deal breaker.

– Yes, I have lost weight and I am currently ~ 173lb.  I weighed 182 last January. I hope this is fat not muscle loss.  I am still trying to flatten the stomach despite it being Christmas time.

– No, I haven’t finished my Christmas shopping thank you very much. We don’t have a shred of Christmas decorations up. In fact we still have the Thanksgiving decorations!  I managed to get out and setup an advent candle wreath, which looks odd on the pumpkin/turkey tablecloth.

– The Carl Jung Action figure stands on my desk. No: people do not ask who he is.


– The answers to the Spo-fan with the “measurement questions” are respectively;

a) 7 hours

b) I don’t know I never do it from start to finish in one sitting

c) 42 I’ve told you this before.


d)  6 inches, on a good day.