I have recently lost 3lb through careful exercise and proper eating (I almost had a close encounter with a container of macaroni salad, but it was taken away before I succumbed).  The Personal Trainer is pleased.

Alas, Someone and I have three holiday parties to attend this weekend.  I have to somehow maneuver around them without falling into the deep end of a bowl of onion dip.  Wish me luck.

My current mindfulness about food – and at the time of year – makes me recall childhood memories of Christmas goodies.  I suppose most adults do this; they remember what mother used to make for Christmas.

First of all there were my mother’s gingerbread cookies, still the all time favorite Christmas treat of Spos near and far.  Mother also made chocolate chip cookies and something called an “S” cookie. They were not sweet cookies; they were made with brandy. The brown dough shaped into an “S” always looked unappetizing, but the baked result was delightful.  I would love to have one again.

The shrimp cocktail, crab dip, and mother’s green bean casserole made their annual appearances. We always had a large edam cheese wrapped in red wax. Seeing a large ball of edam still makes me think of Christmas time.  We kids had hot cocoa; the adults had hummers.  Mother made her annual grasshopper pie, not my favorite but my brothers loved it so. On Christmas eve we had a birthday cake for Baby Jesus, which we ate for Him, as His teeth are rather new.

My best Christmas goody was petit-feur cakes. These were not made but bought at a local bakery. Bless her heart, Mother would stand in a long line every holiday to get them for me alone (no one else wanted them). I would have them with tea.  As they hardened in time, the tea became more necessary to dissolve these lovely crunchy sugar cakes.

As I grew, I lost my taste for sweets; I now barely eat any. All the same, at this time of year, I think about grasshopper pie and “S” cookies and oh what I would give for a petit feur with a nice cup of Constant Comment tea.