It is the winter solstice. I like this event. Many ancient cultures and civilizations – at least those in the Northern Hemisphere – celebrated this time of year. They welcomed the return of the Sun.

It is no coincidence Christmas is placed at this time of year.  The early Protestants were not wrong trying to ban the celebration as a pseudo-pagan holiday. The event touches on the archaic. The solstice has an element of hope. Just as things seem darkest, Light appears and what seemed dark and dead begins to become alive. Mankind needs this; and Yule/Winter Solstice fills this.

Solstice no longer evokes fears of ‘How are we going to make it until the spring time?”  Now that I live in Phoenix, the return of the sun is no longer a such a joyous event.

All the same. It makes my Nordic and Celtic bloodlines bubble a bit with ancient memories of long ago winters.

I will light some candles and welcome the light. A new year is on its way, with hope and longing for the green of another spring.