It’s been a tough week from mental demands. Work has been piling up with more multi-tasking projects. It requires more ‘stick with it and finish it’.  At any given time I am juggling several things. All of this is taxing my ADHD.

Mind! ADHD ‘wiring’ has some advantages. Having the brains of a hummingbird can be jolly good fun. However it neither advantagious nor fun when you want to focus on one thing, finish it, and not get distracted in the process. When this happens, it becomes a “disorder”.

This week is one of those times. My mind is continually blowing fuses to avoid sensory overload. A few times I’ve had to shut my office door, close my eyes, and call back my mind from far away places.  My forgetting what was done – or what was said only 5 minutes ago –  drives Someone to distraction.  When he starts talking I turn down and off everything I can.  I try my darnest to look him right in the eye and echo him to show I heard what was said.

On weeks like these I am tempted to get my own Rx for Ritalin or Adderall or oh so trendy Vyvanse. I probably know more about these meds than anyone, but I am not so foolish as to write out my own prescription.

So – I am taking a lot of breaks and trying to focus on one thing at a time. I try to finish something before starting another.

Now, I should get back to my paperwork, which lies unfinished due to my sudden impulse to write this entry.