We’ve had no internet access for the past 24 hours or so.  Someone somehow disconnected us while setting up the new DVD. It was initally nerve wracking to be without the internet, then it felt rather quiet and pleasant.  I should ‘disconnect’ like this from time to time. If only I could do that with the pager !

Today was Boxing Day, which is apt for we started to box up the Christmas things and tidy up the messes of the holiday. It is nice to start a new year with an orderly house anyway.

I normally do ‘homework’ throughout a weekend, but I was determined not to do any on Christmas Eve/Day. It was all turfed off until now. We had a Spo-cousin over for breakfast. The rest of the day was spent doing my homework. While rummaging around looking for a lost tie clip, I found the collars of our two cats, deceased now for some years. I wept silent tears. I miss them.

This week sees my annual trek to a bookstore and buy my new journal for the upcoming year. Each year’s book is different. They vary in colour and style, ranging from plain leather to covers fabulous, whimsical, or ironical.  It is fun to find out which one ‘calls out to me’.

In this same interim I will reread this year’s journal and remember what the heck I did.

Tomorrow I start back up with exercise and my diet, get back to work, and look forward to a new year. Key West is a seven weeks away !