I made this one myself;  please borrow it; I would enjoy seeing your responses !

2010 Accomplishment

I lost 12lb -hopefully it was all adipose !

2010 Discovery

Hendrick’s Gin – my goodness gracious there is a difference !

Favorite 2010 Vacation/Holiday

We went to Charlevoix, MI, for the parent’s 50th wedding anniversary. The week long family outing was wonderful.

Best dining in 2010

Picture it  < Key West – Martin’s – Jaegerschnitzel with noodles and Riesling. I hope to do it again in February !

2010 Regret

I was not able to accept a ‘dream job’ because I couldn’t get medical insurance for both of us.

Magic Moment in 2010

Adopting a rescue dog from the Human Society. What a joy this turned out to be.

What states did you visit in 2010?

California, Washington, Nevada, New Mexico, Wisconsin,Michigan, and Florida.

The 2010 Surprise

I got a Christmas bonus at work – and in this day and age !

Three 2011 Goals

Getting through 2011 ‘in the black’ (2010 was in the ‘red’).

Meeting  5 blogger buddies.

Making a new soup every month.