It is very cold here in Phoenix, much colder than usual. There is another frost warning for this evening. Around the neighorhood people have draped sheets and tarps over the palm trees and tropical plants. It gives the area a sense of emptiness, like a house closed up and the heat turned off for the owners have left.

Someone has a cold too. He is asleep on the couch in the living room. It is 730PM. Even the house has a cold for we are being cheap and not turning on the furnance. We hope the cold spell ends with the new year.

I spent the afternoon reading my 2010 journal. It was a pleasant year. No great events really. As is the wont, we had a few plesant trips. I made a few more shirts. I kept 6 of 12 new years resolutions. After the review I did my traditional trek to Barnes and Noble and purchased a new journal. I am ready for 2o11.  I’ve read my blogs and wished all a happy new year.  The year ends quietly, without flourish or fanfare (or furnace).

In two hours I will watch the ball drop in Times Square, which is 10PM local time. I will wish everybody far and wide a Happy 2011. I will probably go right to sleep afterwards. I’ll crawl into bed with the newly placed flannel sheets (in Arizona?!). I hope Harper will join me, so I won’t be alone. It will be nice  snuggling up with something warm this cold and quiet evening. I will fall asleep thinking deep thoughts, reflecting on how the year was and what is to come.

Farewell 2010; you were good for me. I will sleep in peace. Tomorrow is a new year.