A couple of chums will soon host their annual post-holiday depression party, which  I mistakenly call the ‘post partum depression party’. We are supposed to bring an hors d’oeuvre (no rubbish) and a white elephant gift. Naturally a group of queens don’t just bring anything.  The hors d’oeuvre must be sensational and certainly not a repeat of last time, lest there is talk.  While the white elephant gift is supposed to be nothing fancy, nobody follows this rule either. So this party tends to evoke more post-holiday anxiety rather than depression.

Apart from this there isn’t anything exciting scheduled for January. January is a good month to stay home and not go out much. Or so it was. Apart from needing a coat in the evenings, there is nothing “January” about Phoenix. It is hard to bunker down for a long winter’s hibernation with the sun shining and temperatures into the 60s. So I am ‘deprived’ of a winter slow-down.

I think we have another live from the Met broadcast coming up. We get to see “La Fanciulla del West” which translates into Daughter of the West.  It is fascinating to watch a cowboy tale set in the gold rush years sung in Italian.  My favorite line is “Whiskey – por tutti!”

Someone and I both are watching our diets and exercising a bit more what with Key West coming up in 6 weeks. January tends to be a ‘dry month’ (postpartum depression party exempted) so we don’t feel too bad having daily Gin & Tonic 6 weeks hence.

That’s about all the (non)news from these parts. The Spo-shirt fund raiser tour is going a little slower than I expected. For Spo-fans still waiting, no, I haven’t forgotten you!