I am going to take a short break from tea (viz. a tea break).  I want to write or shoot my own lesson, but I haven’t had the time. Maybe next week.

Last night Someone and I watched a show on celebrities who had plastic surgery that went badly. True enough. The featured celebrities looked hideous, some of them almost alien-like.  Ironically the celebrities making comments didn’t look much better.  A few of these unfortunates disclosed they have body dysmorphic disorder. Well enough, but why the surgeries then? Don’t the surgeons screen for this condition? When I have a case of BDD I tell the patient under no circumstances are they to have any plastic surgery, for it will either disappoint or create the need for more surgery.

Ironically the show made me think of getting my own plastic surgery. I am developing the Spo family ‘bags’ under my eyes. From time to time I pull my eyelids back at the corners and ask Someone if I need surgery. He always says no, but as he doesn’t even look at me when I’m saying it I discount his opinion.

I also wouldn’t mind having the small hump on the back of my neck removed.  While it comes in handy as a rest for barbells during squats, it make me feel like Quasimodo.

While he’s in there, I will request Dr. Surgeon remove some of the fat in the love handles and inject it into my wrists and ankles. They have alway been on the thin side.  As a consequence, they make my hands and feet look bigger than they are.

Ah well. The house needs plastic surgery far more than I do. Several rooms and the outside are in need of a facial peel viz. a paint job. There is a leak in the laundry room ceiling that wants repair.

That leaves me with cucumbers slices.