I got through another full week of work. At one point I was hauling 3 crates of ‘to do’ charts to do at home/after hours.  As is often the case, I have a handful of notes and evaluations to write this weekend. I ‘multi-task’ by typing out progress notes while I watch “Are You Being Served?”  I just have to be careful what I write; 5 minutes ago I wrote –

“Mr. X is a 34yo married man with a h/o manic-depression and a glass of water for Mr. Granger.”

Work gets in the way of life dontchanknowit. I go through blog-withdrawal when I can not drop my my regulars. Recently I am becoming acquainted with some new bloggers.  There is a rather charming fellow named David and another interesting one ‘up north’ in Canada, to name only a few.

One of these newbies asked me (“as a blogger elder” of all things!) what is the point of blogging when ‘everything has been said’.  Well, it hasn’t been said by you. An idea you have might not be original, but there are no new ideas. Someone will always have thought of it before you. But by creating a blog out of a universal idea you can make it original. Trying to make sense of your world, one you didn’t forsee, is not an original idea. But if you somehow write a blog entry about it, then by a literary sleight of hand it becomes absolutely original. I believe the world is richer for it.

This weekend we attend an annual soiree with the charming name of “The Post Holiday Depression Party”.  I keep calling it “The Post Partum Depression Party.”


And finally, I have yet another shirt to create –