It is Sunday evening and I am without a proper blog entry. I’ve been bereft of content for two days. The Muses went on a long weekend  apparently. I suspect they are on an impromptu visit to the Fates. Normally they leave me a topic upon which to expand. Alas, they didn’t even send an email. What am I to do?

I had a pleasant but uneventful weekend. There was some exercise and a few dog walks (no javelinas). Friends invited us over for their annual “Post Holiday Depression Party”; everyone had a good time. In the white elephant exchange I got a candle holder in the shape of a gnome.  Someone got oven mitts – in the same Victoria Secret bag in which he gave last year’s white elephant item!  Today we went to an afternoon concert where they played all six Brandenburg concerti.  Afterwards we watched “Are you being served?” and I worked on a shirt. Nothing really ‘fabulous’ to report; merely Life. And it looks to be another week of more of the same.

Time goes so fast these days. It seems only yesterday it was Monday morning and I could not wait for the weekend. Now it Sunday night again and it all starts over. I remember when Time went at a snail’s pace. It seemed an eternity to get to the next season; now they arrive overnight.

I’ve always been suspicious of speed. I’ve never seen much good in going as fast as you can from “A” to “B”. Isn’t the journey the real point? Ultimately “B” is death and who wants to get there ASAP?

Although I am excited to get to Key West (4 weeks baby!) I vote Time should slow down – at least enough to allow for a few more pounds off and another shirt sewn up. Getting the taxes done prior to departure would also be nice.

Well, I can not make a minute of Time, nor can I alter its speed*. I can only spend Time foolishly or wisely.  I will take a deep breath, pace myself, and try not to hurry along anything.

After all, my life is a freshly steeped pot of tea, not coffee in a cardboard cup ‘to go’.



*We are about to get Smart phones; no doubt there is an app for this.