The Muses still aren’t back from their holiday. I suspect they are staying with the Norn’s, who do not have internet access. From time to time The Muses go there to avoid communication with others. After all, inspiring others 24/7 is an exhausting job. While I wish them well,  this still leaves me high and dry for topics.  A Spo-fan recently inquired about the ‘yellow gum drop’ viz. has it developed yet into a story. Alas, no; it remains only a set of clever first lines.  It is a grand front porch with no mansion attached to it. Drat those Muses. I sometimes think I would better off with the The Graces – at least they pay for parking.

Which brings us to the laundry.

Someone spent the whole day doing the laundry. How two people generate so many dirty duds is a mystery. True, we both exercise daily, so that makes 2 sets of clothing/day x 2 people x 1 dog x 7 days/week x “the gay factor” = 40 outfits a week. Our washing machine qualifies as having OCD for its repetitive cleaning. As soon as the drawers are full or freshly folded T-shirts etc. the clothes hamper starts to fill up again.  It never seems to end.

We could save some time by sending the shirts out, but Someone feels dry cleaning is extravengant, given he is at home to do it. From time to time I volunteer to help but he won’t have it. He does a better job anyway, so this may be his indirect way of making sure the T-shirts are folded just so and the trousers properly pressed.

My side of the closet has everything in tidy order. Dress shirts and Spo-shirts are in their separate bins.  Jackets and Spo-shirts are on matching wooden hangers. In contrast, Someone hangs things ‘just anywhere’ and on whatever hanger type is handy.

I rather like the notion of hanging clothes out on a line to dry. In our dry air this would work in no time, and we would save money not running the dryer. This notion horrifies Someone. We might as well run a plastic white trash bag up a pole for all the neighbors to see. So we have no clothes line – and don’t hold your breath waiting for us to get one !