21 January is traditionally the coldest day of the year. Tonight I will reread my copy of Mr. Keat’s “St. Agnes Day”. It is also the day I start watching the weather down in Key West. I want a warm holiday. We have 3 weeks for St. Agnes day cold spells to blow by to warmer weather.

It isn’t too cold her; it is hovering around 70 degrees in the day time, 40s in the night time. It is still too cold to have the windows open.

Someone is cleaning up the backyard for we will have our first out of doors party tomorrow. The Lovely Neighbor is back after 2 months visiting relatives back East; we thought we would have the neighbors over to ‘welcome her back’.

Not much else is planned this weekend. I will have my usual trunk load of homework to do. If time permits, we will go see “True Grit” or “The Green Hornet”. Someone likes any sort of movies so he would say yes to either.

Perhaps I will get Someone to take my picture in my ‘barometer bermudas’. These are pants I could not fit into a year ago; now they are a bit loose. If people beg grovel put out say please I may post it here!

I promise to write about the West Wing Ghost.