I received this lovely award –

It was given by no less than four blogger buddies. So I am even more touched; I thank you all.

My understanding is I am supposed to post 7 things about myself. What a challenge! I’ve been struggling to find one thing for posting and now I have to ‘put out’ 7 in a sitting!

Well,  here is goes… alas, it is not too stylish:

1) I am well over four feet.

2) A therapist once yelled at me for bringing a bagel into my appointment. I felt so awful and hurt by his action I vowed never ever raise my voice at a patient. And I have kept this promise.

3) I have never seen a professional football game.

4) Reaching retirement seems an impossibility. But if this should happen, I want to spend it cooking, making something new everyday with never a repeat.  I have piles of recipes so I hope to get through as many things possible.

5) I read nearly 100 blogs; I have the hots for 12 of them.

6) Normally  patient, I lock myself away whenever I have to fill out insurance forms for I invariably become cross. I am quite ugly then; it is not a pretty sight.


7) My favorite pizza topping is onions and anchovies.

I am supposed to nominate others but I am late to this party. I will soon do another sort of “Award”,  called ‘Spo-ward” which I will give out to some of my 100.  Oh, the Muses are back !……