Spo-fans keep asking about the ghost and I am not surprised; people are fascinated by ghosts. I think it was Ben Johnson who said all evidence is against them but all belief if for them.

Having a ghost around the place is a surprise, for I gave up any hopes of having one. When I was a boy I thought living in a haunted house sounded cool. I have looked for ghost-signs in every house we owned. Alas, there were none to be found.  My Chicago house seemed a likely candidate. Once upon a time it was owned by a paranoid man, who died falling down the stairs. I had a pagan pal come over on Samhain to do a ritual cleansing. He pointed out there were no indications of spirits.   Again, a let down.

The present place has no indications for having a spook. It is relatively new. The previous owner had a family who would drive away any ghost. There is no ‘bad history’ in the area.

I guess it is another example of when you look to date you can’t find anyone and when you don’t try – there he is.

The ghost or spirit or haunt or whatever resides in the west side of the house. At night, there is a sense of foreboding which makes me to not want to walk around without first turning on a light. On the rare occasions I sleep in the guest room I leave a light on and the doors shut. Otherwise I get the willies.  The west side is frequently colder than the east, even though the thermostats say they are equal.

The ghost doesn’t seem malevolent. Nor does he ppear to be trying to communicate. On occasion he may move things around  but he doesn’t throw things. There are no “bumps in the night”.

As a ghost he is a bit of a disappointment; he is ‘just there’. He is more of a ‘glum’ than a ghost. He is like an elderly relative who creeps around the house and gets on your nerves without any specific reason.

Broadway fans will appreciate the simile to Henrik in “A Little Night Music” As he plays the cello, Ann asks him “Oh Henrik dear, don’t you have anything less gloomy to practice?” When he replies it isn’t gloomy; it’s profound, she asks “Well, couldn’t you be profound later?  That’s my ghost.

As I write this I realize Mr. Ghost should be named “Henrik”

Someone finds the concept of a ghost ridiculous. He’s certainly never felt a chill or had the willies etc. and he spends far more time on the west side of the house than I. He points out Harper is not bothered by anything.  In my view, this proves nothing. Henrik is apparently a one man/one ghost type of spirit, like “The Ghost and Mrs. Muir”. In a way, I am honored to have a personal ghostie.

So that’s Henrik the ghost. He’s not much, but he is all I got. Better than nothing!  I’ll keep you posted if he does anything interesting.