Another work week has started; it is as busy as its predecessors. So I’ve had no time today to compose something clever or thoughtful etc. I thought Henrik would be cross and act out a bit, after I ‘outed’ him yesterday, but there was no sense of him last night. The only thing that bothered me last night was a dry mouth and a stuffy nose.

So here is a quickie –

I once announced to my family I wish someone would come at haul all my things away. Later that week Brother #4 came and took the car. I didn’t mean that, I meant all the clutter and knickknacks taking up drawer space, especially all the kitchen gadgets, old tools, books never to be read again, and all the old linens. A break-in would also do no good. They would probably go for the DVD and not the winter clothes no longer used.

I recently found a pair of shoes I didn’t realize were missing until I found them. Their discovery produced a simultaneous ‘Oh! there they are!” and “Oh! I hadn’t realized they were gone!”  I don’t own many shoes and this pair is unlike its fellows, so you would think I would have noticed them gone.

Not realizing I have misplaced something worries me. On the positive note, if I don’t really miss lost objects it allows for some rather thorough tidy ups.  Perhaps unconsciously I want to get rid of some more things. I know this desire applies to the garage. In Phoenix there is no basement, so most people store things in the garage. Seeing this pile every day causes a continual wish of someday getting rid of it all.

Or, better yet, move it front and centre and have another garage sale. Yes, this should happen very soon.