Key West may be two weeks away, but my stomach is already there.

Each year I eagerly anticipate various elements of my trip to Florida. This year I am preoccupied with the menu viz. which restaurants we will attend.  By now the list of our favorite Key West eateries far outnumbers the nights we will be there.

Every day at the breakfast table we ‘discuss’ where we will eat that night. “Discussion” is a comic routine composed of a group of Midwesterners who always say they don’t have a preference so why don’t you decide etc. Usually this goes on for some time until someone gets cross or everybody tells me to make the decision so I do. Key West has some excellent eats. Last year we missed some of my favorites, so they will be priority. The personal trainer is already showing signs of disapproval/concern I am going to go whole hog and come back a blimp, all our work smashed to hell from eating forbidden foods.  Not to be worrying – I am most looking forward to the many grilled fish dishes.

Yet and still, I am already salivating at the notion of:

Eggs, bacon, and sausage every morning for a week at Big Ruby’s. Often with Bloody Marys.

Fried shrimp with yellow rice & black beans – and Sangria – at El Siboney

Fish and cocktails  at 7 Fish

Pasta – for days – at Antonias

Jagersnitzel mit noodles and Riesling at Martin’s (my favorite)

Key Lime Pie (no rubbish) at Camille’s


goodness knows what at The Blue Heaven

And then there are the traditional Key West nibbles. I have written about them before*. I need to purchase here or there a tin of sardines, a can of Cheez-Whiz and a box of Hanover pretzels.  This unholy trinity of treats makes Key West eating complete.  Olives are a favorite, whether in martinis or by themselves.  Happy hour provides wine and popcorn and peanuts.

I need to stop now…..



*It is titled “Nasty awful Snacks”. It remains one of my top visited posts.