It is our anniversary.
I never get this right; if we met in 1997, that makes it our 14th year? Or are we starting year #14?

The uncertainty of what year number this is goes along with the general blur I feel about being together; it is hard to remember one year from another. Normally we are in Key West on 1/31, for Big Ruby’s in Key West was where we met.  Alas, KW is 2 weeks away and it is a ‘school night’ , so we probably won’t do anything. I’ll have my homework charts; Someone will watch TV. Another year begins.

Today I will send Someone a basket of nibbles (Our friend makes them for a living). Hopefully it will evoke pleasure rather than ire (“We weren’t going to do anything!”) or guilt (“Oh dear, I didn’t get you anything!”). I justify the gift on the likelihood we will consume it together, or bring its contents to Key West, to share with chums.

We are a staid old couple. We bring books to restaurants rather than conversation, for what is there to say? Rather than romance or cosmic questions we discuss what house repair needs to done. Usually we can finish each other’s thoughts; we anticipate the other’s wants and what he will do, so asking is often redundant.  Instead of ‘going out’ on weekends, we stay home and make sure the other takes his tonic. We worry over the other’s latest malady, and what do you want for supper this week?

Just normal middle-aged Life; not bad after 13 14 15 years.