It looks more certain we will get smart phones. Someone has been doing a great deal of research ion the subject towards the goal: which ones to purchase. He keeps me abreast of the (many) factors going into the decision process. It seems the more we learn , the more complicated the decision becomes. Apparently smart phones evolve quickly; the one we were considering is already outdated.

I am of little help.  ‘What sort of phone do I want?”  My reply: ‘A red one.”

My phone needs are minimal: making and receiving calls. It would be nice to be ‘on line’ to read blogs. I am still not sure what the hell is an ‘app’ but apparently they are legion. Alas, the app I really want – the ability to warp time and space – is not yet available, even on the  4G, whatever that is.

It all makes my head spin.

I still suspect cell phones and smart phones are instruments of evil. I see iphone users all the time and they ain’t pretty. Eyes glued to a screen, they are oblivious everything. I worry I too will fall down the rabbit hole and become oblivious.

For all our research, we will probably get Iphones rather than Androids, simply because our friends have them. If we got iphones in time for Key West, our travel mates can show us how they work. Starting with the ‘on’ button. We want to avoid AT&T, but the meanies at Verizon are releasing their iphones on the eve of our flight to Florida.

Rather than talking, doing puzzles, drinking, and other activities I shan’t list, I could sit for a week pushing a screen with my index finger, trying to warp time and space. Oh the horror.

Spo-fans: do you have an iphone and do you like it? How do warp time and space ?