I have just returned from a 5K ‘fun walk’ and it wasn’t much ‘fun’. For one thing, it was very cold by Arizona standards: 37 degrees. Despite clothed in sweatpants I was quite cold. I underslept the night before; the combination of being tired, cold, and hungry doesn’t make for a spunky Spo. My walking plan was to listen to my new The Teaching Company lecture series on the History of the Crusades. Alas, my old ipod pooped out in less than 15 minutes. I was one of the last ones to finish. I beat out a woman using a walker and another with some sort of gait abnormality.

I am now back at home. It is very quiet; Someone is still at the 5K which he is running.  There is no music nor TV going. The only sounds are the furnace blasts and Harper’s whines of “Where is my Someone?”

I need to start finishing my homework. I spent most of yesterday dictating charts. We took a brief hiatus to see “The Black Swan”. It is a very well made movie. As is often the case with quick moving movies, I got motion sickness. Ironically the film was not much of a break from work – I’ve seen her sort lots of times !

Today’s ‘Superbowl party’ will be quite tame. Ironically I leave the room to pee when the game starts and I come back in time to see the commercials.  No nasty Superbowl foods for me – Key West is a week away!  Here is what I will be doing while watching the game :

sorting clothes to start packing for Florida

sewing buttons

filling out insurance forms

reading blogs (finally).

We haven’t decided yet if/what sort of smart phones to obtain. For all our research, we will probably go with an Iphone on the emotional grounds most of our friends like it and will be nearby to guide us how to use it.  The challenge is getting one of these little HALs in time for Florida.