Spo-Reflections is 5 years old today.


Its conception was ‘an accident’; the blog was not planned. I was in Key West,  listening to Michael Guy of “Temporary Trouble Spots”. He was writing and talking about the joys of blogging and how marvelous it was. Michael urged me to try it, seeing my habit of writing a journal. What the hell, I thought.  I had no expectations or goals. The onset went slowly and with a few missteps. but Michael gave encouragement. Through his links, I started reading blogs to see what others were like.

Five years later…..

What a wonderful Journey. Blogging has been such a marvelous party (thank you again Michael!).  It allows self-expression in a way far more than music ever did. This alone would make blogging worthwhile. The real benefit has been the establishment of friendships with people I would never have known. Who knew that would be the real benefit ?

I know it sounds gay and cliche, but I feel like Dorothy.

On 2/8/06 I wrote “Encouraged by a chum who blogs, and driven by some OCD traits to record everything, I start something I have never seen before, let alone done – a blog.” I longed for some something to happen; I was sent down the Yellow Brick Road (that makes Michael Guy my Glinda). The real happening was meeting The Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Cowardly Lion.

I thank you, all my Scarecrows, Lions, and Tin men – and women! –  for coming along. Please continue dancing down the Yellow Brick Road  with me for another 5 years. And it won’t matter if we never get to the Emerald City.