In honor of the blog’s birthday, The Board of Directors Here At Spo-Reflections (TBDHSR) gave me a congratulatory box of chocolates.  The Christmas tree shaped container, decorated with Christmas logos, contained a memo. This Parthian Shot list of suggestions called for ‘Improving things a bit’, based on alleged sub-standard 1st quarter earnings. I thought I would pass on to the stockholding Spo-fans these intriguing recommendations.

“Naked photos”.  Apparently TBDHASR “did some research on-line” and concluded pictures of this ilk ‘bring in viewers”.  The memo is not clear if the naked photos are to be of myself or of others. I’ve repeatedly told TBDHASR some of my family and patients read this blog. The last thing I need is the APA secret police coming over to haul me away.  But I am ambivalent. I need clarification on what they want; I’ve asked The Board to send me some sample photos.

“Fire the Muses and hire the Spice Girls.” While I would be the first to admit they take more time off than the Teamsters, The Muses are useful. If crossed, they are absolute gangsters. Think of Joan Crawford x 9.  And they are in cahoots with the Furies.

Don’t fxxk with me fellows –  indeed !!

“Advertising”. The memo mentions Coca-cola, Google, Yahoo, Wal-mart and Amazon.  This suggestion has the benefit it would allow me to get in touch with Prostitute Complex.

“Change the Theme”. After all, there is nothing like a new frock to brighten up the day. WordPress has many lovely stencils from which to choose.  Perhaps I will take up this suggestion give some a try.

“New Name”TBDHSR (bless their hearts) provided potentials –


Yellow Gumdrops


Fine Words Butter No Parsnips

This last one is a puzzle; let me think about this………