Tonight I am on the eve of the winter holiday.  Tomorrow morning Our Lovely Neighbor will drive us to the airport and off we go.

I could not be more exhausted. I’ve never managed to go on vacation without first giving up an arm and a leg. I’ve worked lots of extra hours in order to leave the nurse with as little ‘cover’ chores as possible. The chart work normally done on weekends was accomplished before I left the office. I came home very late, but I am free.

Someone spent the day cleaning, organizing, and packing our things. Did disclose he is a wiz at packing? He can pack anything into something. He’s managed to get all my books, shirts, etc. into one suitcase. Clever man.

Speaking of clever, Someone went on line, ordered and obtained iphones in time to bring to Key West. There we will meet our friends the Ipod-people who will show us how they work. I admit mine intimidates me. I’ve touched it a few times only to have things move around, making me spooked. I’ve christened my Iphone ‘The Iprecious” I have yet to find the “Warp Time and Space” app.

Have I mentioned I am quite tired? I haven’t slept well in weeks. I hope I can relax now. Sometimes it takes me a while to loosen up and shake off the stress. I hope I don’t worry, but I plan to start cocktails as soon as possible. I am also looking forward to ‘proper food’ after months of eating oh so practical low fat low carb food stuffs.  Bring on the Imperial tid-bits!

Lord willing, our flight will be on time and without any major hassles. Then, I have a week of doing nothing particular.  You betcha I plan to catch up on my blog reading.  See you soon !