There is nothing like the feeling of waking up from a good sleep to realize you are NOT home but somewhere else and that somewhere else is the first day of a vacation in Key West.  We’ve made it; the holiday begins.

Someone, DougT, and The Other Michael have gone for a morning run. I’ve had my morning shower, which takes place outdoors among tropical plants. It is delicious showering out of doors, particularly when there are two shower heads. They give a thrill of a potential someone joining me and perhaps washing my back. (Alas, no comrade this morning).

Today’s depraved agenda: go to the store and buy things for this week’s luncheons. This includes the annual purchase of Cheese-Whiz, which is the traditional silly snack when I am in Key West. The challenge: find some new way to use it. Jolly Good Fun.  Then, off to the gym and the bookstore. Wine hour is only eight hours away!  There will be the usual “where does everyone want to go to dinner?” discussion, which eventually leads me to put my foot down and say something assertive like “Blue Heaven” sounds good. I look forward to a nice grilled yellowtail.  After this the only worry is whether to use the pool or the hot tub.

I already feel better, merely thinking about doing nothing.

Meanwhile, I suspect there will be a lot of ‘tech talk’. After all , Someone and I have new iPhones to figure out. I’ve managed to drop mine once and misplace it twice, so I am off to a grand start. Even The Best Friend has an iPad, so you know the world is a-changing. Speaking of TBF, I will surprise him with a shirt. I hope he likes it.