It is the end of the first day of our holiday. I am pleased to report the weather is good; it is warm enough to forgo a coat and sweatshirt. The Personal Trainer will be pleased to hear I got some positive feedback on my figure. I need to be careful though, for there is no lack of nibbles (and booze); it could all go quickly to hell.

I am already feeling more relaxed. Work was making me feel like a small pad of butter spread out over too much bread and I was seeing signs of burnout. Did you know this is the first time since 2005 I have been ‘not available’? I am actually walking around at times without a phone.  I thought it would feel odd, but it feels liberating. I imagine this is what retirement must feel like: the satisfaction of being answerable to nobody. Lord willing, some day it may be so.

I am sorry to report there is no juicy scandal or drama -yet. At most some of us had a ‘snootful too much’ wine at social hour, and needed to go for a walk. We are having a later dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, 7 Fishes. As is the wont, I am in charge of making dinner arrangements. I used to feel uncomfortable about this; now I have the satisfaction we go to the places I want hohoho.

For the fun of it, I am thinking of dying my hair. Perhaps I shall become a blonde, or better yet, a red head (they’re fierce!). Alas, none of my clothes would “work”, me being a ‘winter’. Someone doesn’t convey much enthusiasm for this mad vacation impulse, but then he didn’t ask me whether or not to shave off his beard (which he did).

Well, I better get dressed for dinner. I hope for a grilled yellowtail, some cooked vegetables, and real glass of iced tea (no rubbish).  I’ll keep you posted, especially if the tea keeps me up to 3AM.