Scandal! – Various juicy bits are coming out which I dare not put in print now, as most all of us are going to read this today and I don’t want my bunk bed short sheeted.  A, B, C, talk about D.  A,B, and D talk about C.  B, C, and D are definitely talking about A who is up to no good that’s for sure.  Only Urs Truly is above reproach. But the week remains young.

Debauchery! – Last night, in the hot tub, there was a straight couple. Yes, you heard me, a straight couple ! I was curious how and why these two happened to be staying here, but I could not get a word in edgewise. The fellow talked nonstop, explaining how he had come to Florida to work in the carnival/construction business and he been ripped off because after a week he was only paid 28 dollars. That’s the summary – insert ‘fucking’ every 2-3 words, expand this to 15 minutes, and say it in one breath. It is a terrible death to be talked to death. I dare say he was on drugs. Our group slowly exited the tub to bash our heads against the cement. Later, the two were seen making out, in the hot tub, for all to see. Oh, those straights; can’t the keep that sort of thing behind closed doors????

Drugs! – Speaking of drugs, lots of us are doing them. My “DOC” is Motrin; I have overdone the exercise.  Someone is suffering from allergies; his DOC is antihistamine and decongestant. He has some phlegm at the back of his throat which won’t come out. I advised something acidic to drink; he drank some coca-cola. His exact words this morning were “Between the pills and the coke, I didn’t sleep at all last night.”  Another one of our party also could not sleep. After a careful interview (and a quick physical) I gave him something to send him to the moons of Jupiter. The feedback this morning is he slept as well as he has in months. I haven’t the heart to tell him it was a placebo.

Sex! – Not yet……