My vacation-mates pointed our a few ‘inaccuracies‘ in yesterday’s entry. They added if I gab anymore there will be nebulous but frightening consequences. I’d better “keep it sweet”.

Today’s entry is all about hot sauce; you won’t find a dull word in it.

Over the years I’ve grown more and more fond of ‘heat’. My taste buds have evolved in response, a living proof of ‘survival of the fittest.”  Food which isn’t spiced up with pepper or hot sauce seems bland. I carry small bottles of Tabasco sauce in my travel kit ‘in case of emergency’ when there is no hot condiments to be had.

A few weeks ago The Personal Trainer told me about “Arizona Habanero” salts, which boost ‘It is a dry heat’. Happily I was not disappointed. I packed a shakerfull to bring to Key West. I’ve apply it to eggs; I add some to my Blood Marys.  Jolly Good Fun.

Alas, my taste buds may be happy but my innards are not. They remind my mouth they are not found of hot things. Like an idiot, I never remember this and continue to apply hot sauces and peppers without care.

If you are tired of heat, then you are tired of life.