Today we travel homeward. I feel OK to go. It was a great trip; I feel rested. We will say farewell to The Best Friend, and all our traveling pals and drive to Ft. Lauderdale and then fly westward. I miss Harper! I hope this feeling of being at-ease carries into work so I will be a happier and more patient.

This week reminded me how important it is for all of us to take time off from our toils. I’ve said this before: vacation time is crucial for our physical and mental well-being. Nevertheless, I still have to persuade patients to take time off. Usually this is balked by worries the world can not spin without them (and even more, they worry it can spin without them). Nowadays, asking for time off is seen as a sign of ‘negative character’. People actually fear losing their jobs if they ask for time off.

I now have the problem there is nothing to look forward. This next scheduled trip isn’t until August, when we have our annual trip to Canada.  I need to remedy this.  Palm Springs and Flagstaff are always good for weekend trips. Or perhaps we should do something new and adventuresome. But where? We ‘owe trips’ to people all across the nation. Maybe we can visit and meet blogger buddies?  How awesome that be awesome!

The spring time has some potential medical conferences.  One is in Anaheim in April; the other is in May in Honolulu. Both  are ‘work’ but they are at least in fun locales.  Someone is encouraging me to go to one of them. But which one?  I will blog about these two choices at some later time.

First things first. We need to pack up our belongings and load up the rental car and drive north to the airport. Lord Willing, we will be home safe and sound by evening time.  I will try to catch up on blogs tomorrow evening.