No trip is complete without a few souvenirs and Key West 2011 was no exception. I came home with:

A T-shirt.

A choker made of sea shells.

12 yards of tropical fabric for future shirts.

Four used sci-fi paperbacks which haven’t seen daylight since 1970.


A stainless steel device consisting of 3 rings, in various sizes, their rims put together to form a triangle.

Alas, the chief souvenir is unintentional: I have a cold. Not fair. I came home feeling relaxed, only to be laid low by a virus. Worse luck, I feel ‘charged’ in certain energies that had been ‘running on empty’ for a while, and this can’t be exploited either.

From High School I have a friend who was a Christian Scientist -or ‘was’ until she went several stages above and beyond Mary Baker Eddy. She would poo-poo this so-called virus and tell me to ‘unsee’. I’ve tried this and unfortunately it refuses to unsee me. I have the usual symptoms of a mild sore throat, runny nose, paroxsyms of sneezing, and personal guilt about returning to work.

Physicians are rather hypocritical they scold patients for going to work while sick, yet they have to be near dying before they follow their own medicine.

I know there will be dozens of charts to attend and patients to call. The new patients, some of them have been waiting months to meet with me, would be devastated. I’ve learned from experience a new patient waiting anxiously for weeks if not months for the appointment would rather have me sneezing and coughing than be told the doctor called in sick. They don’t empathize when they are to told ‘The doctor didn’t come in today as he didn’t want to give you his cold. We’ll have to reschedule you. How about May?”.

I hope a good dose of Nyquil this Sunday night is sufficient remedy to make me halfway decent for the morrow.

Just for luck, I will forgo starting one of the sci-fi novels and read “Scientific Statement of Being”.