It’s been years since I have attended a medical conference. I used to go to them all the time. They were tax deductible; I got to travel to places warm and fun, learn a few things, get my obligatory credits, and see the sights. Nowadays I keep up on things via CD lectures, which I hear going to and from work. This is oh so practical and no fun.

It came to my attention there are two upcoming conferences which strike my fancy. The first one is the annual American Psychiatric Association convention, in Honolulu. The other is a conference about diseases linked to depression. This seminar takes place in Anaheim CA, just down the road from Disneyland.

I can only go to one, so which one should it be?   Pros/cons …….



If I am going to visit Hawaii I might as well make it “tax deductible”.  It the official APA convention after all, so the courses I will attend would be more relevant. The APA’s Gay and Lesbian Society (of which I am a member) will have several social events; this gives me a great opportunity to hob-knob and network with my fellow wizards. I can show off my shirts and make everyone mad-jealous. There are fabulous fabric shops in Honolulu. My nephew is a student at the University of Hawaii. I can take him out to dinner.


Someone wouldn’t go to this one, due to $ reasons. I have not traveled alone in nearly 15 years. Someone always does all our travel arrangements, so I will have to ‘get around’ on my own. Going to Hawaii by myself sounds lonely, and I hate being alone in hotels. Hawaii would be very $$$. I would have to take more time off compared to the CA option. I would have not time to ‘see the sights’ given the demands of the Hawaii conference.




The chief plus is Someone would go to this one. He would drive while I fly over and then we can drive home together. This makes a rental car unnecessary. Neither of us has been to Disneyland and we both want to see it. The conference is less expensive; the trip is a fraction of the cost of Hawaii. The conference is far more practical and thus would be more interesting. I think there are some blogger buddies in the area I could meet?


The conference offers no networking or socializing. We could go to Disneyland any time, while Hawaii as a tax write off is once in a lifetime opportunity . The CA conference credits may not apply. If we both go, there is the extra expense of putting Harper in a kennel.


I may get cold feet and not go to either. It remains far more economical to stay home. After all there are house repairs to do.

I’ll keep you posted.