I am slowly getting over my cold. It has evolved from sneezes/congestion to a dry hacking cough coupled with malaise. I am feeling better. Happily it was not the flu.

I thank one and all for the thoughts about the conference. I contacted a colleague friend whom I haven’t seen in ages; he and his partner will be attending, so I would have some companionship.  Someone will start looking into flights and hotel rates for me.  Do I have time to make another shirt?

Speaking of shirts, the Shirt of Shirts is now at Will’s DesignerBlog.  I hope to prompt it along down the list.

I was not familiar with Lady Gaga’s music until I got to Key West. I heard her music constantly; now she is stuck in my head.

The new iphone and I are slowly getting acquainted.  This weekend I need to get a case for it. I traditionally get a red one, so when I loose things I can find them more readily.  My fat fingertips don’t type very well and what few texts I have sent out often have a lot of typo errors.  I haven’t ‘purchased an app’ yet – despite my attempts I can’t find the one for warping time and space.  While in Key West The Other Michael showed me an app called “Grinder” – heavens to Betsy!

I am reading several books at once and making no progress in any of them.

This weekend we have another ‘Live from the Met” opera- jolly good fun !