Recently a Spo-fan communicated his confusion on the Inspirations who visit and contribute to Spo-Reflections. Who are The Muses anyway? How do they differ from The Furies?  I thought to refer him to Bullfinch’s Mythology, but this seems too cumbersome a reply.

Here is a brief summary of Who’s Who. It is a sort of “An Observer’s Guide to Goddess Guidance”.

The Muses.

These 9 ladies are my number #1 source for inspiration. After all, it is in the job description. They evoke creativity. Spo-fans know they are rather irregular in attendance. The Muse’s contract has more vacation time in it than anything seen in Socialist Europe.  When they can remember, they send me substitutes….

The Graces.

They are the goddesses of charm and beauty. If the Muses inspire, The Graces coif. Two crucial differences: instead of putting ideas directly into my head as The Muses do, they use email.  And, there are three of them, which makes for less noise.

The Fates.

The downside of The Fates is they aren’t very inspirational. On the hand, they are fantastic at arranging things to meet new people. Indeed! It was The Fates who got me to blog in the first place. Look at my Blog list – all fateful encounters.  At times they tangle up the threads, so people come and go. Such is Fate.

The Furies.

Rather disagreeable, their inspirations creates rants or get readers itching for an argument. When Spo-Reflections has friction, The Furies are responsible.

The Norns.

This bunch of glooms show up when everyone else is away on holiday or too busy to drop by. I see them as that substitute teacher the administration calls whenever everyone else is sick. Norn-ideas are never colourful. They induce  lecture style entries and post poetry no one wants to read. The entries illicit few comments- and these are usually ‘short and polite’.  The Board of Directors Here at Spo-Refletions likes The Norns.

The Boswells.

They don’t often stop by Spo-Reflections, but when they do their inspirations are pleasant, musical, and in E-flat.

The Aadvarks.

A very nice group; please don’t feed them buns and things.

And when all else fails …….

The Skanks.

Never far away (alas), they are ever quick to suggest ideas –  usually bad. They recommend gossiping about fellow bloggers, Cheez-Whiz recipes, and dropping my trousers on the internet. With them I always use “spell check”. Whenever I get comments of ‘What on earth were you thinking of when you posted this?” then I know I’ve been inspired by the Skanks !