Thank you everybody for yesterday’s words of encouragement and support. I will see the doctor next Monday. I hope he tells me I am being a drama queen and to quit diagnosing myself etc.   I will keep you posted.

This entry is about Skype. I tried Skype a few years ago but I didn’t have any luck. It wasn’t convenient; I couldn’t get the knack of how to use it. I did not continue with it. Last month I’ve been poked in the ribs by family members to get it. My nephews communicate with their cousin using Skype.  Brothers #2 and #3 utilize it as well. Even The Father Figure is using it ! The concept my father is using technology makes me feel a bit foolish. Apparently I am ‘left out’.

Someone (clever man) established Skype into our new iphones. Last night we tried calling – or is that skyping? – each other from across the room. It looked silly but it seemed to work. So – I am ‘ready for action’!

What do you do when some one calls you and you are lounging around in your undergarments and/or the house makes you look like white trash?  Don’t respond to it, I suppose.

Seeing the caller makes me think of The Jetsons. Mrs. Jetson would get a ‘call’ and panic about her looks. She would put on some sort of mask before picking up, for she didn’t want them to see her mess. I can relate. Well, I am about to find out. I will ‘practice’ calling my brothers. I know of one friend who uses Skype (he swears by it).
Any Spo-fans out there with Skype? Perhaps we can ‘skype’ each other.

Just don’t be surprised when you see me wearing my Mrs. Jetson mask.