Gads, what a week. I haven’t had a minute to be on-line to write a proper entry, let alone visit my usual blogs.  I have a handful of emails to return. I want to write a proper entry and tell you all the news. It is Friday night; I am very tired. All I want to do – can do – is go to sleep. I promise promise promise to get caught up this weekend.

One of the ironical reasons why I’ve been away is I’ve been doing things. I went to the opera on Wednesday night, and the symphony on Thursday. Someone and I went to happy hour and dinner this night. Pleasant – but this leaves me no time to do anything else, alas.

As The Father Figure says ‘There is work to be done!’ this weekend. My ‘to-do’ list (and Someone’s ‘honey-do’ list) is as long as my arm. No leisure this weekend I assure you.

Well, I am off to bed – at 9PM! I hope to wake, brandy as a billy goat and ready for Saturday.

Upcoming events – Hawaii updates, Urs Truly in a video, and an invitation to come into my mind and see how it works.