I hope everyone is having a pleasant Saturday. It is warm enough today to open the doors and turn on the fans and get some fresh air going through the house.

I got up early to walk the dog. Truth be told she got me up early. I tried to reason with her it was Saturday and it was not necessary to waken at 5AM; we could sleep in a few more hours and wouldn’t that be a delight. But she didn’t buy it. So, we were up and about and back home by 6AM.  I used this early start to make a large pot of tea (Irish Breakfast, no rubbish) and start those homework matters. This gave me a mild sense of satisfaction to be so virtuous.

Someone and I were long overdue for a haircut.  We went to see our Russian barbers, named Boris and Boris. Today they have a new fellow, no doubt named Boris.  I got a nice hair cut, and a shave, along with hot towels – all for 24$. I am sporting a goatee, which I haven’t donned for a long time. There is a funny sensation in my cheeks to have them exposed so.

After I dictate a few charts, we are off to the gym. I need to work off that bagel I ate yesterday, the one that made me gain 30lb overweight.*  After the dictations are concluded, I hope to spend a quiet evening reading blogs and making shirts. Someone is supposed to start our taxes, which we normally have done by mid-February.

That’s about all the news.


*Someone tells me I am exaggerating and to stop being a drama queen. I like to remind him Spo-fans can tell a joke when one occurs.